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Facebook Contest Ideas | 5 Awesome Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Libby Headon Digital Marketing Manager

Why it’s important to include Facebook contest ideas into your marketing strategy

You can achieve a multitude of business goals by consistently running Facebook contest campaigns. From improving loyalty and brand affinity; to content generation, brand advocacy and app registrations. These factors contribute to long-term gain and business growth. The effectiveness of these campaigns means lots of brands are using them. Making innovative Facebook contest ideas will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

But before you run any contests, it’s important to define your primary campaign goals. For example, do you want to grow your community, reach and engagement? These metrics are quite straight-forward to measure. Other goals like, word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and footfall can be trickier to track. Popdeem helps to streamline social competitions and turns social followers into loyal customers. Visit our Product page for more information or request a demo.

Facebook contests are like traditional ads. They need compelling, creative ideas and CTAs to produce your desired outcomes. Let’s take a look at some creative Facebook contest ideas and examples to add to your strategy.

Creative Facebook Contest Ideas

#1. Facebook Reactions

Facebook reactions can make entering a contest as easy as one click. For example, asking users to vote for their favourite product, demonstrated below. The easier you make it to submit an entry, the more people who will enter and engage with your contest. Contests like this can also help collect primary customer research.


#2. Social Sharing-enabled Photo Booths

Adding opportunities for your customers to share their experience is a great way to generate word-of-mouth online. You can rent a photo booth for key events, like product launches or customer appreciation evenings. You can encourage users to check-in and share their photos on Facebook with prizes or rewards.

For example, Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain in New Zealand partnered with Iron Man to sponsor one of their events. Nutri-Grain brought an interactive photo booth where contestants could take a snap and engage with Nutri-Grain in the days leading up to the race. Participants had the opportunity to share these photos instantly to Facebook – amplifying the reach of the sponsorship.

An example of a Facebook Contest Idea using social sharing booths for location-based businesses.
Social sharing booths are a great tools to use in location-based Facebook contests.


#3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live users watch live videos three times longer than ones that are no longer live. Users also tend to comment 10 times more on live videos, than they do on regular videos. This is makes Facebook Live a great option for engaging contest campaigns.

Let’s look at the online fashion brand, for example. They run live quizzes regularly, to their 2.4 Million followers. A number of simple questions appear in the stream beside a clothing item prize for each question. Viewers simply comment on the video with their answer, to be in with a chance to win. The quizzes tend to run for over an hour, with a winner selected every 60 seconds.

The example below achieved astonishing results; almost half a million video views, 5,600+ Shares and over 11,000 Facebook reactions.


Our live quiz is back and we’re giving away a prize every minute! To be in with the chance of winning, simply comment the right answer to the question on screen!

Posted by on Thursday, 2 March 2017

Not only does this activity boost engagement – it helps strengthen’s position as a contemporary and innovative brand. The activity also fosters customer loyalty by delighting the 60 winners with a prize, building an emotional connection with participants.

Other Facebook contest ideas using Facebook Live could be streaming in-store contests, like a car-touching competition or charity dunk tanks.

#4. Facebook 360° Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s say you’re a cafe owner and you’ve just opened a new location. This is a good opportunity to share an immersive 360° image or video on Facebook of the new space. You can maximise engagement and views of the content by adding a contest. You could ask users to search for something within the image/video and share a screenshot to enter. Maybe they need to count how many coffee cups are in the shot to win. Or it could be a staff member hiding somewhere with a secret password to a free scone, on a sign.

If you haven’t got a 360° camera yet, 360fly sell them online with prices starting at $299.99.

#5. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content competitions are an amazing strategy to:

  1. Create word-of-mouth online
  2. Boost customer loyalty, retention and repeat purchases
  3. Drive footfall
  4. New customer acquisition
  5. Reach a wider audience
  6. Produce marketing collateral

And most importantly, consistent UGC contests create perfect opportunities to frequently engage with customers.

Sober Lane is a popular bar and restaurant in Cork, Ireland. They frequently run UGC contest campaigns using Popdeem. On Pancake Tuesday in 2017, Sober Lane ran a competition where customers could claim a free pancake meal, for sharing photos to social networks with the #SoberLane hashtag. It was a brilliant campaign, generating dozens of entries to help drive word-of-mouth and win new customers.

Find out more about Popdeem’s product features here.

‘Kinder Bliss pancakes just hit Cork city! Sober Lane knows 😏😏’

Use These Facebook Contests Ideas to Reach Your Marketing Goals

Next Steps

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Libby Headon Digital Marketing Manager
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