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7 Powerful Brand Advocacy Examples

With rapidly decreasing trust in brand content, user-generated content and word-of-mouth marketing are excellent tools to increase reach and engagement. Throughout this article, we’ll look at 7 brand advocacy examples, their impact and word-of-mouth marketing methods.

#1. La Rosa’s Pizzeria

By reposting content such as this, LaRosa reminds customers that it has more to offer on its menu than just pizza

#2. Wawa

This sweet couple finished their special day in Wawa, with the bride still in her wedding gown! Now that’s (brand) love.

 #3. Boston Pizza

Photos like this are an easy way to win the audience’s attention as nobody can resist a bit of “foodporn”, especially when we know it’s coming from a customer and not an advertising agency.

#4. Panera Bread

Here, Panera Bread benefitted from high-profile fitness blogger @fitsussie posting a picture of her meal, which generated 220+ likes and showcased Panera Bread as a good choice for the health-conscious:

#5. Jet’s Pizza DFW

Another example of the traction that a social media influencer can generate for a brand. This customer’s picture generated 40+ likes and 4 comments, which is brilliant as far as non-paid promotion goes and just shows how simple and effective user-generated content can be and why it should be a key component of any digital marketing strategy.

#6. Sheetz

A brand advocacy example from a Sheetz customer, endorsing the brands Winter Wonderland coffee.

I don’t know about you, but now I want to try Sheetz’s Winter Wonderland coffee…

#7. McDonalds Canada @McD_Canada

User-generated content can spark conversation and increase customer loyalty

@McD_Canada nothing says good morning like a #SausageMcGriddle combo with an extra sandwich bammmmm #MorningMagic
— MattC (@mcurry74) June 13, 2015

These examples of photos and tweets posted by happy customers create great word-of-mouth online. What’s more, brands can easily incentivize this activity by launching contests on the various social networks and reward customers for their advocacy. This increases engagement, furthers a brand’s reach and ultimately can drive revenue and new customers.

Next Steps

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