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4 Killer Features For Your Restaurant’s Mobile App

Niall Quinn iOS Developer

2014 saw a significant increase in the number of restaurants delving into the world of mobile marketing. Solutions like, beacons and loyalty rewards Apps are now allowing brands to significantly enrich the in-store experience by engaging users and influencing their merchandising decisions. What’s more, by incorporating both social media and mobile into the customer journey certain brands have proven themselves to be forward-thinking and proactive in keeping up with consumer technology

With mobile apps today, the customer experience is paramount. so we’ve outlined some of the best ways that location-based brands can create a perfect mobile app to to drive real value for both brand and customer

1) Location Services

Geo-targeting allows businesses to target people based on their location and communicate in “real-time” with their target audience. Once individuals opt-in to location-based programs brands can notify them of deals and promotions when they are in-store, or even when they’re around the vicinity. This benefits brands and consumers alike by making the interaction relevant so that customers don’t get annoyed by spam.

iBeacons are another way that brands can engage in geo-targeting. These provide a unique opportunity for brands to deliver contextual and relevant alerts or ads to both existing loyal customers, and potential new customers.

2) Mobile Rewards Programme

According to a report from Maritz Loyalty Marketing, 73% of smartphone users are interested in interacting with loyalty programs through their mobile device, and over 90% of smartphone users are likely to download a loyalty program’s application when prompted. Mobile rewards programs remove the need for physical loyalty cards and influence where, when, and what customers purchase. As such they should be seen as an important marketing channel for increasing business.

Social rewards are another great way for a restaurant to reward their most important customers. Brands can incentivise customers to share in-store experiences on social networks by offering rewards for engaging with the brand online. Whether that be a free beer for a check-in, or entry into a sweepstakes for including the brand’s hashtag on an Instagram upload, these rewards lead to advocacy, and advocacy leads to an increase in sales.

3) Social Integration

People are highly influenced by what their peers do and where their peers recommend, this means that a check-in or even just a simple mention of your restaurant on a social media site can help brands to stay top of mind and also convince people to visit too.

Location-based mobile apps enable customers to interact with their friends and favourite brands whilst they are enjoying the buzz of the in-store experience. The best marketing technology today uses social data to personalize communications to the individual’s interests and appeal to their preferences. The additional benefit that social integration brings then, is that it saves time for customers and removes the need to fill in those dreaded mobile forms.

4) In-store Payments

More and more restaurants are allowing consumers to pay digitally for their bill without exchanging any cash or credit cards, thus ticking both boxes for convenience and security. Now thanks to solutions offered by the likes of Google, Square and Apple, the number of consumers adopting mobile wallets is increasing hugely, and a 2014 Bain Consulting report showed that mobile in-store payments are growing at 20% annually!

Ultimately, this technology combines to achieve one common purpose: increase footfall. What brands need to remember is that it’s all about the customer experience. Make it easy, make it attractive, make it beneficial to the customer and you’ll have crowds flocking through the doors in no time.

Interested In Adding Some Killer Features To Your Restaurant App?

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Niall Quinn iOS Developer
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